Behind the Scenes

Since a lot of the things I create require a lot of prep work I thought I would share a little behind the scenes of my creativity.  My room is very messy but I often find inspiration in things lying around so I don’t like to tidy up too much.  So many times I’ll see this lying next to that and the bulb goes off in my head 🙂  Maybe you’ll see something that inspires you…the possibilities are endless!  Let’s go on a tour…

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And here are a couple of the bird houses I’ve finished…



Finally, on a totally unrelated subject, here is a picture of my husband Kevin being all Sinister McSneaky with his new mustache – LOL

Until next time – make sure to take time to create something every day!




Summer projects continued…

After a long creative drought,  the Tim workshops got my juices flowing again!  Here are just a few of the projects I’ve been working on since class.

I was inspired by a Suzi Blu video (see my videos) to create some fairy jars…here are just some I did (pardon the flash on the photos, but you get the general idea)

Then I was inspired by a project in an Archivers  flyer and some vintage vases I got at World’s Market  to make these for the 4th of July…I’ll be sad to take them down but I have to make way for all my fall decorations!

This weekend I am working on my altered art bird houses.  Watch for more pictures!

Summer projects

I have been a busy little bee this summer.  It started with Tim Holtz coming to a local stamp store and taking two of his workshops.  It was so great to meet him and absorb some of his creative mojo.  It’s been a dream to take some one of his classes, now I want to take one his cruises!

Here I am with Tim!

I took the “Configuration of Your Imagination” and “Patchwork Pandemonium” classes.  I learned so much, it was a blast.  If you ever get a chance to take his workshops – do it!!

Here are the projects I made.

My configuration

My Patchwork Pandemonium

Now that Tim has me all inspired, I am working on creating Fairy Jars and Birdhouses.  Stay tuned for pictures 🙂  And as Tim says, Enjoy the Journey!